LeLibby 1.0

LeLibby is an editor for PCG files which are used by several KORG synths
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LeLibby is an editor for PCG (Program-, Combination-, and Global settings) files which are used by several KORG synths. The range of instruments supporting PCG files reaches from the first Triton Classic to some of the more recent instruments like the X50. LeLibby has enough features enabling you to edit your PCG files in a more convenient way than your instrument lets you do that via its touch screen or control panel.
-Two separate windows for different PCG files that enable you to easily transfer items from one PCG file to another as long as they belong to the same Triton model.
-Cloning of an entire PCG file
-Moving and copying items within one PCG file
-When moving programs within one PCG file LeLibby ensures that combinations using these programs are updated with the new positions of the programs provided that combination data is also stored in the PCG file.
-Creating combinations based on programs
-Drag and Drop support for copying items to the second PCG file.
-Support for copying combinations including their used programs between different PCG files.
-Programs and Combinations copied between PCGs of different Triton models are converted automatically.
-Sorting of items alphabetically or - in case of programs/combis - categorically. Sorting can either be applied to a whole section or bank or a selection.
-Searching for item names (programs, combis, etc.) within one section
-Finding of duplicate items
-Filling a bank with a single item, e.g. InitialProgram...
-Modification of program/combi/drumkit/arpeggio parameters
-Modification of global instrument parameters, like master tuning, etc.
-Dumping item contents in hexadecimal format
-Exporting the contents of a loaded PCG file to a HTML file
-Creation of bank archives which can hold up to 130 banks of programs, combinations, drum kits and arpeggio patterns
-Smart Sorting items

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